Stephen & Caity make sure the Winnipeg Improv Festival happens, they also do a show themselves. This year it will be a sequel/part two/re-working of their hit last year. "Comedy Isn't Funny Anymore" becomes "Comedy is Funny Again". It is another throw back to the golden age of comedy and a celebration of the Vaudeville.

Comedy is Funny Again

Venue #4 Pantages Mainstage

Thu July 20 5:30pm
Fri July 21 5:15pm
Sat July 22 10:45pm
Mon July 24 3:15pm
Tue July 25 11pm
Thu July 27 1:45pm
Fri July 28 7pm
Sun July 30 12 noon

You can also see Stephen Sim in his improv duo CRUMBS. They will playing at their 20th Winnipeg fringe which is pretty cool if you like round numbers.

Venue #4  Pantages Mainstage

Wed July 19 10pm
Fri July 21 3:30pm
Sat July 22 9pm
Mon July 24 1:30pm
Tue July 25 9:15pm
Thu July 27 12 noon
Fri July 28 5:15pm
Sat July 29 11pm

There are so many shows to go and see. You know, it's the fringe, and everything is all about the theatre and the comedy and the improv and the theatre. It's when the city of Winnipeg looks like an actual city with actual culture and you want to take it in. You should go and see ALL the improv shows... in fact, you should go see ALL the shows. I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that it's mathematically impossible to see ALL the shows... it's true. But if there is anyone out there who can defy the math, it's you. Maybe go see ALL the shows happening at the Gas Station Arts Centre, that would be a start.

Enjoy yourselves!

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