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Looking back...

With the Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival starting up next week. It is time to look back at festivals past (and passed) to name drop and share who has graced the stages here for this festival.

In no particular order:

David Shepherd from the Beginning of Modern Improv

Unexpected Productions from Seattle
(Randy Dixon, Amanda Roundtree, Paul Levy, John Faga and Greg Stackhouse)

Rapid Fire Theatre from Edmonton
(Kevin Gillese, Amy Shostak, Julian Faid, Ian Rowe, Chris Connelly, Marc Shulte)

The General Fools from Regina
(Mike Fly, Amy Matysio)

Phil Van Hest from Los Angeles

Kevin Tomlinson from England

PROJECTproject from Toronto
(Julie Dumais)

Mike Grajewski from Toronto

Iron Cobra from Toronto
(Becky Johnson and Graham Wagner)

Rene Dellefont from Atlanta

Monster Theatre from Calgary/Vancouver
(Ryan Gladstone and Bruce Horak)

Instant Theatre from Vancouver
(Alistair Cook, Dave Morris and Ryan Biel)

Vancouver Theatresports League
(Jason Bryden and Taz Van Rassel)

Plus of course the Locals:


Outside Joke