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And another Improv Festival ends.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the shows, who performed in the shows, who helped make the shows happen! The 15th annual Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival has gone to sleep, to dream of the 2015 festival, which will wake up in the Gas Station Arts Centre in October sometime.

CRUMBS backstage with Kevin McDonald right before the very last show of the festival. If you saw it, you know how great it was.

The end of the DnD Improv Sci-Fi show... lightsabres were had.

 The stage is all set for the FRANGLAIS show (French vs English Improv)

 The live overdub of an episode of 90210. It was oddly way more hilarious than any episode of 90210 ever was while on TV.

The chairs and the mics and scripts all laid out for an improv show? What? This must be the "Cold Read" show. It was great!
Finally, the poster stands in the wall looking down on a festival well done. Thank you Winnipeg.