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The 17th Winnipeg if... Improv Festival is over!

Another Winnipeg if... Improv Festival comes to a close. We would like to send a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. The guests we brought in to be in the Festival Ensemble were incredible. Randy Dixon leading the workshops was a treat and Winnipeg will be inspired by his words for years. The festival created a new element in the Local Ensemble, bringing together 13 members of the improv community to work and perform. It was such a tremendous success. The Sketch Ensemble was the same, as it was a new element and was created to foster the growing sketch comedy scene. Kevin McDonald from The Kids in the Hall lead the ensemble in creating brand new sketch from improv tools. Thank you to all the volunteers and all the audiences and all of Winnipeg! 
 Kevin McDonald and the Sketch Ensemble

 The Festival Ensemble enjoying some late night games after the first show

 Stephen and Kevin about to do some early early morning TV

 Randy Dixon onstage with the Festival Ensemble

 The Local Ensemble