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The people who brought you the IF.

The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival wrapped October 5th and we've all been taking long, restorative naps since then.

Now that we're rested, we'd like to give some special shout outs!

Let's roll the credits...

Our outstanding performers:
Joe Bill (Chicago)
Alistair Cook (Vancouver)
Kevin McDonald (Ontario/Winnipeg)
Warren Bates (Vancouver)
Lucy Hill (Regina)
Daniel Maslany (Regina)
Kory Mathewson (Edmonton)
Shawn Norman (Vancouver)
and Winnipeg's own: Crumbs (Stephen Sim and Lee White), DJ Hunnicutt, the whole Dungeons & Dragons crew, Mama Cutsworth, RobYn Slade, Toby Hughes, Andrea del Campo, Chadd Henderson, Leif Ingebrigtsen, Jane Testar, Alix Sobler, Gordon Tanner, Fraz Wiest

Our dedicated volunteers:
Alexis Martin (House Manager)
Ava Julien (Stage Manager)
Janet Shum (Photographer)
Angelica Schwartz (Box Office)
Erin Schwartz (Box Office)
Steve Currie (Usher)
Duncan McNairnay (Usher)
Luke Cecelon (Usher)
Dan Powell (Usher)
Leah Borchert (Usher)

Our loveable st…