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Improv at the FRINGE!

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is almost here and to celebrate improvisation we have the longest running improv jam show in Winnipeg to help us out. The Big Stupid Improv Show is an improv jam show that runs in Winnipeg, Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver and anywhere else that cares to use the name and throw random comedic actors onstage with improvisers for a Big Stupid Show!
The show was first formed in Edmonton as a last minute fundraiser and was named by Wes Borg (of Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie fame). The first one in the Winnipeg Fringe happened in 1998 and has been running practically every year since then.
The idea is to bring all the great local improvisers and comedians and throw them onstage with all the great touring performers that are in town for the Fringe. The result is some of the best impromptu, ad-hoc, jams of comedy and theatre possible.
Join the "Probable Cast" each night they do their show and see it turn out different each night.
The shows will be happening…