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Kevin McDonald to guest star at the Winnipeg Improv Festival October 3rd.

Kevin McDonald, used to have a TV show in the '90s; and not just any TV show, a good TV show. In fact, a seminal Canadian comedy sketch show. I'll stop beating around the bush and come right out and say that it was of course the much-loved "The Kids in the Hall."

Kevin McDonald will be guest starring in the Big Stupid Improv Show on the Thursday night (October 3rd) at the Gas Station Arts Centre. The show will be in the tradition of the "Armando Diaz Experience" and the ASSSSCAT 3000, which are improv shows that feature a special guest telling true stories. The cast of ensemble improvisers will then use this as inspiration to improvise scenes of hilarity.
Get your tickets NOW! Call the Gas Station Arts Centre at (204) 284-9477 or click here to order online.

Here we come! October 1-5, 2013

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that this year's Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival is happening October 1-5, 2013!

We have majorly skilled guests coming in from Chicago, Vancouver, Edmonton and Regina.

Read all the IF details here.