• The Big Stupid Improv Festival

    The Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival is proud to present the Big Stupid Improv Show. In association with The Probable Cast and CRUMBS and Mama Cutsworth and many many special guests.

    The Winnipeg Fringe Festival is coming and so that means that there will be many many shows and many many great performers in Winnipeg and many many emails in your inbox and many many event invitations in your notifications.

    The Big Stupid Improv Show
    Venue #21     MTYP - Mainstage
    2 Forks Market Rd. (The Forks)

    Wed July 15 6:30pm
    Thu July 16 12pm
    Fri July 17 9pm
    Sat July 18 5:15pm
    Sun July 19 12pm
    Mon July 20 4:15pm
    Wed July 22 9:45pm
    Fri July 24 2:45pm
    Sat July 25 5:30pm
    Sun July 26 7:15pm

    This show has been a Fringe staple since 1999. It would be a classic move to state that this year the show will be BIGGER and STUPIDER than EVER! But that would be a lie, the show has in fact gotten smarter and and has stayed roughly the same size. Is that boring? Well if it is, the show itself doesn’t reflect that boring-ness, it’s always quite exciting. What else would you expect with the risky theatre and dangerous comedic form like improv?

    The show is hosted by CRUMBS (Stephen Sim and Lee White) and will feature members of:  Outside Joke, DnD Improv, Peter’n Chris, Hip.Bang!, as well as many many many more who don’t even know it yet.

    The Big Stupid Improv Show presents it’s signature style “Director’s Cut” which has 5 directors in charge of 5 different storylines. The audience then decides after each chapter which stories continue and which story gets CUT. This means that only the best story makes it to the end. The audience has a great responsibility!

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