Forget Triple Threats, This Is Mark Little!

You like hilarious things and I like hilarious things. And let me tell you, Mark Little is a hilarious thing/man with many, many talents.

Not only has he got the arts of improv, sketch comedy and stand-up in his arsenal, he's also done film (Rollertown), television (CBC's Mr. D) and web video series (like Picnicface and Dad Drives).

We are lucky enough to have Mark join us on stage next week for the Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival. Naturally, this is an IMRPOV festival, so you'll witness Mark's talent as an improviser. However, you'll also get to see his well-known brand of stand-up comedy at our Comedy Showcase on Thursday, November 8th at the Gas Station Arts Centre.

Here is just a tiny sampling of Mark Little's hilarity to both warm you up for the festival and to spend some quality time on the internet.

Mark also raps from time to time:
Get your tickets now for the Winnipeg IF... Improv Festival, November 6-11, 2012!

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