And then it was done.

 The Winnipeg if... Improv Festival ends. The curtains close. The mimed objects get packed up in the mime boxes. The D&D show hangs up their swords. The lights go up on the Bat and the lights go down on stage. The CRUMBS get swept up. Outside Joke goes inside. Everyone gets on a plane and flies to their homes. And everything is good.

What a tremendously successful festival. Thank you to everyone who came to the shows, were in the shows and helped make the festival run smoother than ever.

Thank you:

Sarah Michaelson for holding the fort down while I was gone and for finding all typohs.

Hunnicutt and Mama Cutsworth for Dj so well and so much.

Angela for taking everyone's money with a smile.

Tristan and Luke for curtains and projecting.

Joe Bill for inspiring everyone.

Mark Little for taking a chance on improv again.

Kirsten for rocking the stage.

Jules for not dying and for "killing it".

Jessie for forcing Lee to hit him with a golf club.

Lee for producing the Big Smart Improv Show.

Outside Joke for helping off stage and on.

Hot Thespian Action for offending us.

Bucko for taking the stage last minute.

Aisha Alfa, Mike Green and Matt Nightingale for representing Winnipeg Stand-up.

Dungeons & Dragons for leveling up.

The Week Thus Far for being all "WTF"

Shaw TV for helping us be on TV.

Breakfast TV for early mornings.

Jonnies Sticky Buns for getting us stuck.

Half Pints Brewery for BEER.

101.5 UMFM and 95.9 CKUW again for the airwaves.

Canadian Heritage.    

Todd for making the lights look so good.

Nick for all the support of the Gas Station Arts Centre.

Thank you Winnipeg for getting off your asses and coming out to see live theatre, live comedy and live art!


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