Tuesday Video Sneak Peek: CRUMBS

Crumbs. You've heard the name. Maybe you've seen them play in their 15+ years together? I sure hope you have.

Something that sets these guys apart is their ability to not always push the "funny" side of improv. Their performances are laced with pathos, melancholy, deep emotion. And of course, comedy is in there too. But it's really truly something to show the real, stark things in life through simple audience suggestions like "accountant" or "cop."

Watch these and you'll see.

Crumbs 22.03.11 First Monologue from www.berlinimpro.de on Vimeo.
Lee White performing in Berlin

Crumbs Police Monologue from www.berlinimpro.de on Vimeo.
Stephen Sim on stage in Berlin

Crumbs 22.03.11 Scene Bad Guys from www.berlinimpro.de on Vimeo.
Lee and Stephen: their powers combined. Soundtrack and visuals provided by DJ Hunnicutt.

CRUMBS performs all week long at the Winnipeg Improv Festival, September 20-24.

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