Let's end this fest in style... or at least with a stage full of messy insanity.

Tonight's the last night of the 12th Winnipeg Improv Festival. Where did the time go?

The week has flown by with simply incredible performances from the festival ensemble. But tonight - this very evening - those same performers are taking their careers to a whole new level, with a sloppy, wild, high energy, prop-laden improvised game show! You must be here to see this happen!

Tickets will definitely sell out, so we recommend calling the Gas Station Arts Centre to reserve yours: (204) 284-9477.

Saturday, Sept 24th 2011
Samurai Davis Jr. & Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show

Atlanta's Dad's Garage will amaze you and shock you with the
Samurai Davis Jr. & Dim Sum's Super Mega Happy Fun Time Improv Show. The show is inspired by the world of insane Japanese game shows. Two teams of improvisers compete for the audience's love...and to stay dry. The team that loses each round has to deal with crazy punishments like a Peanut Butter Lap Dance or a Cheeseburger Milkshake. Ew.
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave.  |  8 p.m.  |  $10

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