• The Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival 2011

    Well, soon.

    The Winnipeg iF... Improv Festival is going to be hitting Winnipeg September 20th - 24th.

    The festival is produced with generous help from the Gas Station Arts Centre and from the blood sweat and tears from the Winnipeg Improv community.

    Keep your ear to the wind as we keep out noses to the grindstone. We will be releasing information as it gets leaked to us from out spies... Well, as the information becomes confirmed, we will release it.

    Until then, enjoy the hell out of the Winnipeg Fringe Festival which runs July 13th until July 25th

    Shows to check out:

    CRUMBS at the King's Head Pub

    The Big Stupid Improv Show at the Planetarium Auditorium

    Full Screen Ahead at the Pantages Playhouse

    The D&D Improv Show at the Gas Station Theatre

    More information that is useful...

    CLICK HERE for venues and maps.

    CLICK HERE for buying advanced tickets.

    Thank you, and keep improvising.
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