Talk About Convenience!

A note to all of our modern-minded fans out there, you can buy Winnipeg IF tickets ONLINE! That's right! On the internet! So get ready for more insanely inspiring improv this weekend!

Friday, Nov 12th 2010
Featuring: Rapid Fire Theatre (Edmonton), Outside Joke (Winnipeg) and Ghost Jail Theatre (Toronto).

The first set features an improv mash-up of two companies, Outside Joke and Rapid Fire Theatre. The second set features the Festival ensemble playing with Ghost Jail Theatre's improv, fusing improvised writing with improvised performance.
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave.
  |  8 p.m.  |  $10

Friday, Nov 12th 2010

This late-night jam show will feature players from across North America and from our own backyard, playing together like only the spontaneous improv make 'em up masters can. The late night jams are always a fast and loose improv mess of beauty.
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave.
  |  11 p.m.  |  $10

Saturday, Nov 13th 2010
Featuring: 4Track (NYC/LA), CRUMBS (Winnipeg) and the Festival ensemble which will feature players from Edmonton, Toronto, NYC, LA and Winnipeg.

The Saturday night shows at the Gas Station Theatre will feature a new long-form creation as performed by the festival ensemble, made up of hand-picked local players and special out-of-town guests. The show will also feature another “mash-up,” this time fusing the international touring company CRUMBS with members of New York City's finest group, 4Track. The results just might create a nuclear reaction that has the potential to destroy the Gas Station Theatre and perhaps even rip the very fabric of reality itself... or it might just be one of the most amazing shows you ever see. You will have to be there.
Gas Station Arts Centre, 445 River Ave.  |  8 p.m.  |  $10

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