The Winnipeg Improv Festival blogsite is here...

And now the information will flow...


The Gas Station Theatre and the OVCC again presents the Winnipeg Improv Festival. Let's get right into what we have here.

Monday, Nov 5th we have Soap Scum presenting the live improvised soap opera.
They have been doing their show at the Park Theatre and will be doing a special presentation at the Gas Station Theatre as part of the festival. This show will feature members of "Always George".

Thursday, Nov 8th we have a night of local improv.
We start off with the legendary Stephen McIntyre performing his very own brand of improv that takes those from the audience who have never done any improv and makes them the star. This show makes a seasoned veteran out of the freshest rookie in an instant. The show will also feature the "king's of short form improv" ImproVision.

Friday, Nov 9th will have an encore presentation of the live improvised movie.
This show was premiered at the last improv festival. This show has a cast of camera operators and improv actors creating an improvised film live. The evening will also feature Alistair Cook (President of the Canadian Improv Games) and Dave Morris of Vancouver's Instant Theatre.

Saturday, Nov 10th will be a birthday party!
This show will be the celebration for Outside Joke, currently on their 5th year of improvising together. The show will also be a party for CRUMBS, who are on their 10th year of traveling the world spreading the good word of prairie improv.

All shows are at the beautiful Gas Station Theatre located in the heart of Osborne Village at the corner of River and Osborne. All shows start at 8pm and all shows only cost $8 (unless anyone wants to pay more).

That is the festival so I guess we will see you at the shows...

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